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New Pumps and Pressure Systems

Getting water from your deep well or shallow well is our business. Gary has been installing submersible pumps for 50 years and knows which equipment works and why.

Sizing a Pump

Sizing a submersible pump is important  when it comes to a reliable, cost effective,  long lasting water delivery system for home, cottage farm or irrigation. We use industry leading technology along with tried and true equipment and will help you decide which equipment is perfect for your water needs. Every system is different because

your needs are different.

In this picture, you can see Gary and Paul holding a 37 year old pump that Gary installed, and they are installing a new pump in its place. Quality equipment  withstands the test of time!

Variable Frequency Drives

A VFD eliminates the control box, a big pressure tank, the pressure switch, and reduces wire size from your well to your home, saving you space and money. A VFD does cost more than a control box, but gives you control of many things from your home that you would not have with conventional control box and pressure switch.  The VFD gives you constant pressure at the pressure you choose (normally 60 psi), it allows you to monitor all of the pump system parameters from your phone or tablet or from the drive itself, and to change those parameters if needed. The drive starts the pump slowly on every start, reducing wear on the pump and saving electricity over time.

We have many happy customers who have used these drives for years.  We use VFD's in our own homes.