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Pump Servicing and Problem Solving

The pump components above ground are the first place we look for issues, as they are what controls the pump. They are very robust, but after many years they may fail. Whether you have a conventional pressure switch, a control box and pressure tank system, or a more recent variable frequency drive, we can help.  Even the best Submersible pumps or controls will show signs of wear or fail over time. 

When it comes time to repair a component in your system it is important to think about the importance of water in your home before attempting to fix the issue your self.

Pump issues can be hard to track down. It is important to call us as soon as the problem occurs and not on the second or third day after the house has been without water. 

Other considerations include your safety when working with electricity, while changing components, or while working around the well.

  There are many little signs that your system needs attention.  If you feel you are having issues call us and explain what you are seeing.  We can understand a lot by asking you a few questions.