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Well Testing

If you are about to buy a property or house on a property give us a call, and ask what it would take to do a pump test on your future well if it has not already been done.


----Your domestic well ( for your house ) is not subject to licencing.

-----Your wells for irrigation, farming, and commercial come under the Water Sustainability Act and need to be registered and licensed. If you are thinking about registering or licenceing your well please give us a call.  We will help guide you in the right direction.  The process can be complex so having the right information and assistance from the start  will help you navigate the new water landscape.

Knowing what your domestic well currently produces is good knowledge to have when planning for your future.

It is also recommended to get the water tested at a local lab. Knowing your water quality before building or moving in will let you know if you have adequate water treatment for dealing with iron, manganese, hard water etc, in the existing home or what your budget needs to be when building.  

We can do more in depth testing if, for example, your water well is low production and in bedrock. A test of 24 hours is recommended, followed by a period of monitored recovery.  Well production can be seasonal and can also be affected by other wells nearby, which may be in the same aquifer.  This means that our test is a snapshot of current production. Knowledge of the well over time, well logs,and pump tests are good sources of information when looking at well(Aquifer) production.


If you are planning more than just a home on your property then you may want to ask us about The Water Sustainability Act and how it may apply to your project.

Wondering if You should get your water tested? 

Go to this link for information on your well water.