Franklin Electric Fhoton Solar Pack / Solar Pumping

Fhoton SolarPAK

The Fhoton™ SolarPAK is the new modular, compact and more flexible system solution to meet your solar pumping requirements. By utilizing quality components, innovative thinking, global market inputs, and a technical expertise in groundwater pumping, Franklin Electric has developed a rugged, high-output system, which tackles the challenges of harsh and remote environments. In addition, its design is more user friendly and allows for simplified maintenance. No other system delivers the features, benefits and reliability of Fhoton™ SolarPAK in just one package!

Franklin Electric Helical Rotor, Solar Pump

Fhoton HR SolarPAK

The Fhoton™ HR SolarPAK features a helical rotor pump, to generate substantial water pressure at lower flows, providing water even during times of indirect sunlight. Since less energy is required, the Fhoton HR SolarPAK utilizes a minimum number of solar panels, making it ideal for applications with flexible water volume requirements.

See the wikipedia page on the progressive cavity pump or helical rotor pump.

Subdrive Solar Pump Package

SubDrive SolarPAK

The System Solution to your solar pumping requirements. Using Franklin quality components, our technical expertise in groundwater pumping, and innovative thinking based on global market inputs, we have developed a rugged, high-output system which tackles the challenges of remote and harsh environments. No other system delivers the features, benefits, and reliability of SubDrive SolarPAK in just one package!

6-Inch High Efficiency Solar System

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of the extended SOLAR feature for its 6" High Efficiency Submersible Borehole systems (HES).
These systems, consisting of a full stainless, synchronous submersible NEMA motor associated with a variable frequency drive and matching output filter have proven their world-class efficiency in over 300 applications to date, saving up to 20% of electrical energy when compared to standard synchronous motor