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SubDrive Utility

Franklin Electric's SubDrive Utility™ Variable Frequency Drives provide an easy-to-install constant pressure solution for 115 V and 230 V single-phase, two-wire systems and 230 V three-wire and three-phase systems up to 2 hp. Requiring only a small pressure tank in most applications, they offer a more compact overall footprint compared to traditional water systems while providing the added value of constant water pressure and built-in motor protection.

Designed with a sleek NEMA 3R (Type 3R) enclosure, they are rated for both indoor and outdoor use that provides a degree of protection against falling rain or sleet.

Variable Frequency Drives


The Franklin Electric SubDrive Connect product family includes variable frequency drives (VFD) designed to control and protect 3-wire, single- or three-phase motors, enhancing pump performance for residential and light commercial water system applications. When used with Franklin Electric motors, the SubDrive Connect drives a motor and pump at variable speeds to maintain constant water pressure, even as user demands (water flow) change. The SubDrive Connect series provides the capability to use a three-phase motor with single-phase incoming power, which adds new efficiency and quiet performance to rural homes and businesses.


Features Configuration • Compatible with submersible and surface pumps and motors • Three-phase operation allows enhanced water delivery performance using a smaller pump with a standard rated motor • No programming required with easy DIP switch setup • Built-in Duplex Alternator for Lead/Lag pump operation • Works with small pressure tanks or existing larger tanks



• Easy-to-read LCD display for system status identification • User-defined motor frequency range • Auxiliary control input allows for additional external control • Run and alarm relays provide switching for external monitors or systems • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces average current used by the drive • Advanced filtering to remove radio frequency interference Protection • Protection against short circuit, under-load, overheat, under-voltage, surges, open circuit • Broken-pipe detection • User-defined under-load sensitivity and off time • Ground Fault Protection for motor output • Moisture Sensor input stops pump when water is detected • Soft-start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life Communication • The FE Connect mobile app can be used to adjust advanced settings, monitor drive characteristics, and view fault history

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