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Franklin Electric Equipment

New Pumps and Pressure Systems

We are here to find the best well pump for you!

Water Well Pumps

Submersible Pump Systems

Because we are a trusted Franklin Electric dealer, we offer a 5 year extended warranty on 4" submersible pumps and three years on controls.


We use industry leading pump system technology along with tried and true equipment and will help you decide on the perfect pump system for your water needs.

Residential Submersibles

Agricultural Submersibles and Controls

Franklin Electric Jet Pumps

Surface Irrigation pumps

 Goulds Jet pumps

As you can see we carry more than just Franklin Electric, if we feel a product fits your job the best, we will use it.




Why a VFD? 

1. A 3 phase VFD Subdrive Connect eliminates the control box, a big pressure tank, the pressure switch, and reduces wire size from your well to your home, saving you space and money.


2.  The VFD gives you constant pressure at the pressure you choose (normally 60 psi), and it allows you to monitor all of the pump system parameters from your phone or tablet or from the drive itself. 


3. The drive starts the pump with a soft start, reducing wear on the motor and saving electricity over time.  We also have vfd systems now that we can add to your existing single phase pump to give control and constant pressure. See our VFD page for more info.

We have installed VFD's for many happy customers. We believe in them so much, we use them in our own homes!

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

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