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Jan 2020 - The Whole System.

Updated: May 7, 2021

Happy New Year 2020. For those of you who live in The North Okanagan its been a snowy New Year.

Your water system keeps supplying you with water to the house every day of the year. Inside water, outside water from your well, through the line to your house, into the pressure tank and into the various lines through your house. Pump components should be visually checked for signs of wear. Anything out of place? How is pressure? How is water quality? How long has the system been running since it was last checked?

Water softeners and filters.

Keep them running, especially if you have lots of Calcium and Magnesium, Iron and Manganese. These minerals can ruin your house hold plumbing and fixtures over time and make it hard to recover. Don't let an old filter or softener sit without being disconnected from your system. You will have loss of pressure that you may not even notice. Keep the system as sanitary as possible by keeping your equipment up to date.

If your softener has stopped running then it should be serviced or replaced.

Cleaning your water softener resin ( what's inside ) is important. Use an iron remover like "rust out" or a resin cleaner. This will remove iron or manganese that has come out of solution and has stained the resin beads, making them less effective.

Your water softener should regenerate every few days, depending on your water use and water quality. If you notice the salt stays in the tank for a long time it may not be regenerating or may not be set right. Keep at least one bag of salt in the brine/salt tank and not more than two. Your goal is to set your softener to regenerate enough to keep your water soft and for it to help remove iron so there is no staining. When your softener is sized right and all parameters have been considered in choosing how the softener was built then this will be a fairly simple procedure.

There is softener resin now available that can remove more iron than was previously possible, this is very good for those systems that are on higher iron as it saves on having to buy another unit to control the iron before it enters the softener.

If your Iron and Manganese levels are stubbornly high then part of your budget planning should be to add an iron filter. The iron filter looks just like your water softener at first glance but is designed to handle and eliminate these two metals from your water. Having an iron filter before your water softener will allow the water softener to regenerate less often, as it will only be handling Calcium and Magnesium which are your hardness minerals. You will use less salt as a result and your softener will last longer.

Give us a call if you have questions. There is lots of information on the internet if you want to learn more about your equipment. Just look up your model number. If you have tried the internet route and still have questions then call us to come out.

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