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Pump House and Well Head

Pump House

It has been a busy 2019 and now is the time to add some things we've noticed. Its like a check list for you.

Your pump house or pump area in the house should be clean and tidy, no leaks and not too damp. Not everyone has the energy or time to keep it all up to date but the more you can do the better. Keep it clean and well ventilated. A pump house is an important place, it should be clean and well built. We understand that not every pump house built 5 years or 2 months ago, but it is very important they remain ventilated and not wet. We have been in may pump houses this year that are quite wet and have lots of mold. Not good for us or you. We will bring along our masks but its better to not need them. We try to clean as much as we can when we come, especially for our customers who might need a little extra hand.

The Ground Water Protection Regulation tells us that we need to care for the area around our well and for the well head and stick up. Keeping your well head safe from flooding, keeping the well sealed with a proper well cap ( this protects you and the aquifer ) and keeping the area clear are just a couple things you can do to stay up to date.

Talk soon,

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