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Regular Pump System Care

Updated: May 7, 2021

Hi Everyone, Its beautiful this Spring in The North Okanagan.

Id like to talk about taking care of your water system,

Your water flows from your well via a pump of some kind. It works everyday of the year for many years without problems. The system and its parts are made to be hassle free. After many years those parts will become worn down, and ready for replacement. While we may not be able to catch every problem before it comes up there are some visual and other signs that there is wear on parts in your pump house or mechanical room or down the well. If its been 12 to 15 years since your system was installed you should give us a call and have us out to look at your total system, its parts, and its performance.

When your system stops running its a bit of a shock. We respond quickly to people who are out of water but it still takes time, and its never at a good time to be out of water.

Think about planning for the change over to a new system. There are options like variable speed drives which give you constant pressure and eliminate pressure switch and large pressure tank. You may wish to have more water if your well will produce it. You may just want to stick with what you have and replace it with new equipment.

Have a good Spring 2018

Generation Pump Company

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