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Weekly Water Edition

Updated: May 7, 2021

Do you have an access road to your well? Most properties have access points to the water well. Sometimes there isn't one. Not a big deal though, get someone to come in or do it your self. When we come to pull your pump out, we need to get our truck into position, we back right up to the well. If you have poly pipe and have put the pump in by hand we still have to get our tools and close by.

If you have a pump house with your well inside then you have a removable roof. If you have just moved in it's good to take a look at how it may be removed before we arrive. If this is not your first time at your pump house then chances are you know the drill. If you need help with it then wait for us to arrive and we can do it together.

It helps us if you keep the area around your pump controls clean. It saves us time and you money if we can get right to work.

Have a great week.

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